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Great for Boats & RVs!

In the Great Outdoors, some of the potential dangers of drinking unsterilized water are Chemical Pollutants, Protozoa & Larger Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses - All good reasons for using the WaterFixer.
Boats and RVs may need to fill their water storage tanks from questionable sources. Holding tanks without inhibitors may grow bacteria and impart unpleasant tastes and odors while endangering your health with unseen viruses. The WaterFixer sterilizes your water as it flows into your glass or container.

As you enjoy your days of leisure, protect your health by keeping dangerous contaminants out of your water.
FILTER CONFIGURATIONS...* See the different models for specifications.
           Featured in Practical Sailor Magazine's Independent Test.
Other WaterFixer uses include farm and rural residents who draw water from wells that may contain bacteria from animal waste and surface contaminants; lake homes that draw water directly from a reservoir, lake, cistern, or well system; city residents who often find their water distasteful (in some cases even dangerous) due to strong chemical additives.

See our "How it Works" Page for Ultra Violet Disinfection Information & Diagram.

IT'S AFFORDABLE! Now you can have safe, good tasting water for boats, yachts, sail boats, ships, cruise ships and more.
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