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Water Filters And Purifiers

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The WaterFixer is a High Intensity Ultraviolet Sterilization System that
sterilizes drinking water without the addition of chemicals. The Water Fixer offers the filtering capabilities of the best filtration systems, while it purifies your water by destroying microorganisms with Ultraviolet Sterilization.

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For Boats For RVs For Homes

The WaterFixer  provides complete bacterial protection! The World Health Organization has recognized Ultraviolet Light as an approved method of destroying germs and bacteria in water. water filters

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Model 500

The WaterFixer not only eliminates sediment, cysts and chlorine from water, it also removes bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, molds and other impurities. It allows normal water flow rates while supplying pure water, as nature intended. water filters

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Water Fixer Model 1000

Allowing a 4 GPM flow rate, the WaterFixer Model 1000 uses a 3 stage sterilization/filtration system. The 1st stage removes particles to give you clear water, then the clear water runs through the 2nd stage to remove any strong chemical tastes and odors which may be present in your water while removing disease-causing microbes such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts. In the final, 3rd stage the water is exposed to high intensity germicidal ultraviolet light energy concentrated in a stainless steel disinfection chamber effectively destroying bacteria or viruses which may be present. Both units are small enough to easily install on your cold water line. They do not require a separate faucet, yet allow normal water flow rates.


The Merlin Eco Water Purifier promotes health and provide safe drinking water to as many as possible - at a reasonable cost. The re-usable, washable filters are organic and sustainable.

Powered by multiple sources: AC/DC, Solar, Battery. It can be used in remote locales and is easy to maintain and set up. It is lightweight and compact, durable and long-lasting...Read More >                Contact Us to Order Merlin Eco Water Purifier

The WaterFixer
has been providing clean, germ free water to home owners, RV'ers, and boaters, around the world for over 22 years. No Waiting, No Wasted Water, No Separate Water Tank, No Danger from Infection. See our model pages for a more in-depth description. It's AFFORDABLE! Now you can have safe, good tasting water!

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