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What's in your water? What is germicidal? Questions & answers about UV sterilization.

The WaterFixer provides complete bacterial protection! The World Health Organization has recognized Ultraviolet Light as an approved method of destroying germs and bacteria in water. The WaterFixer not only eliminates sediment, cysts and chlorine from water, it also removes bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, molds and other impurities. It allows normal water flow rates while supplying pure water, as nature intended.

The WaterFixer is a High Intensity Ultraviolet Sterilization System that sterilizes drinking water without the addition of chemicals. The Water Fixer offers the filtering capabilities of the best filtration systems, while it purifies your water by destroying microorganisms with Ultraviolet Sterilization. Allowing a 4 GPM flow rate, the WaterFixer Model 1000 uses a 3 stage sterilization/filtration system. The 1st stage removes particles to give you clear water, then the clear water runs through the 2nd stage to remove any strong chemical tastes and odors which may be present in your water while removing disease-causing microbes such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts. In the final, 3rd stage the water is exposed to high intensity germicidal ultraviolet light energy concentrated in a stainless steel disinfection chamber effectively destroying bacteria or viruses which may be present. Both units are small enough to easily install on your cold water line. They do not require a separate faucet, yet allow normal water flow rates.

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THEY ARE HERE! The Survivor Pro systems are now available. Combining the power and efficiency of SAFH2O UV's proven Model 512 systems, these units provide portable solutions for emergency response teams, missionary work, and anyone concerned with the safety and reliability of international and domestic drinking water supplies.

Priced at at fraction of any other competitive emergency water purifier system, while providing superior performance levels, the Survivor Pro systems are ready to provide safe and clean drinking water when and where it is needed most! Once again, SAFH2O UV proves that better doesn't have to cost more! See Details

We are proud to have been a part of the restoration efforts in Houston, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and the Carolinas. Through the tireless efforts of volunteers and non-profit organizations, our systems have been utilized to provide safe drinking water to thousands of individuals impacted by the 2017 and 2018 hurricanes.

All SAFH2O UV systems are manufactured in the United States.

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