Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Model 1000 UV Water Purfier

- Dimensions: Length: 19" Depth: 6" Height: 16"
- Weight: 14 lbs
- Max Flow Rate: 4 GPM (US)
- Inlet and Outlet Ports: 1/2 inch NPT
- Water Filter Sizes: Standard 10 inch filters = 9 3/4 x 2 3/4
- 12v System Amp Draw: 2.1 amps at 12v
- Available in 12vdc, 120vac, and 220vac
- 3 Stage Water Filtration
- Shipped Ready to Install

WATERFIXER MODEL 1000 For Boats, RVs and Whole House UV Water Treatment. The WaterFixer Model 1000 is a complete UV water filtration system incorporating filters and a UV chamber into a 3 stage system that delivers water at 4 gallons per minute. Our easy to install, long lasting UV water sterilizers are built with you in mind. For 25 years our water filter systems have provided clean, safe drinking water in many different applications from rainwater catchment treatment in Alaska and Hawaii, to Sailboats across the Pacific, to treating water for jungle hospitals in the Philippines. We also are the perfect system for houseboats drawing their water directly from the lake.

STAGE 1 - Sediment Filter: In the first water filter housing is a five micron pre-filter removes sediment and particles that cloud the water. The main function of this filter is to protect the more expensive water filter in the next housing. The bonus feature is that it is washable two times in most situations.

STAGE - 2 Carbon Filter: In the second filter housing is a half micron carbon block filter that removes fine sediment, odors, unpleasant tastes, chlorine and other chemicals, plus Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts. The CDC recommends a minimum of a 1 micron filter before Ultraviolet Treatment to remove sediment that clouds the water and also to remove anything too big for the Ultraviolet light to penetrate. This Carbon block is the perfect water filter to accomplish this task. Order Spare Water Filters Here

STAGE 3 - Ultraviolet Chamber: The third component in this water filter system is a Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Light Chamber that sterilizes bacteria, viruses, protozoa, yeast, mold spores and algae. Inside the stainless steel chamber is a high intensity uv lamp that is tuned to emit ultraviolet light at 253.7 nanometers which is the perfect wavelength to render microorganisms sterile and harmless.

NO CHEMICALS USED - UV Filtration is perfect for your health and for the environment.

NO WASTED WATER OR WAITING FOR WATER - At 4 gallons per minute you won't have to wait for a drink or your shower and unlike reverse osmosis no water is wasted in back flushing the system.

NO SEPARATE WATER TANK - With ultraviolet purification, you receive clean, clear water without the need of a separate holding tank.

NO DANGER FROM SICKNESS OR INFECTION - The ultraviolet chamber kills germs which may grow in water tanks. Never fear the water from your holding tank, dock hook ups, or campground connections again. List of Organisms Destroyed by UV Water Filter Systems

EASY TO INSTALL - Easy installation requires very little time, only common household tools and is very simple to install. For maximum effectiveness of your uv water system, you install as close to point of use as possible. Simply break into water line and connect incoming line to prefilter 1/2" NPT opening, then connect "outflow" to other end of water line. Plug the 120V into any grounded 120V outlet or wire the 12V to your 12V power circuit.

- Whole House Water Filter Systems
- Camper/Motor Home/RV Water Filter Systems
- Boat/Sailboat Water Filter Systems
- Houseboat Water Purifiers
- Off Grid Cabin UV Filter systems
- Rainwater Catchment Water Treatment Systems

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MODEL WF 1000: $495