UV Drinking Water Filtration
by Water Safe Pro

UV Filtration for Safe Clean Drinking Water - Never Worry Again.
Enjoy safe, clean water wherever your travels take you. Many marine and recreational vehicle owners share a common challenge: a simple need for clean drinking water. Though nearly every vehicle with a faucet possesses a water storage tank, few are brave enough to drink anything that comes out of it. The onboard tank is an ideal environment for the breeding of bacteria, viruses and other hazardous microorganisms. If staying in a campground or dock, one can utilize the available hook-ups, but often times, the available water supply is no safer than what is lurking in the water tank. Bottled water is expensive, bulky, cannot be used in the shower or ice maker, and its purity is arguable. However, there is a solution! By installing a Water Safe Pro UV system on the faucet side of the water tank, every drop of water which passes through the faucets, shower heads or into the ice maker is clean, clear and safe. Efficient on size, cost to operate, and power consumption, WaterFixer and Water Safe Pro UV system are perfect for South Pacific Marine explorations or weekend getaways in the Ozarks in the motor home.

Two Product Lines to choose from. The WaterFixer and SafH2o UV Systems
UV Water Purification- The Germicidal UV Solution. Water Safe Pro is proud to present two lines of ultraviolet water purification systems. Both combine .5 micron carbon filtration and the power of germicidal UV, to remove chlorine, E. Coli, coliform bacteria, viruses, algae, foul tastes and odors, and many other contaminants. The WaterFixer Model 1000 is the Flagship UV treatment system. Treating water at 4gpm this system is built around a solid stainless steel UV chamber that will last your lifetime. The SafH2o UV Systems Model 500/512 treats up to 3gpm and is known for its affordability and space saving compact design. Both Water Safe Pro UV systems provide safe, clean water from nearly any fresh water source.

Safe, Affordable and Eco friendly
WaterFixer and Water Safe Pro UV systems provide a safe, affordable and effective alternative to a reverse osmosis water filter, distillation, and bottled water. Whether you are looking for a system for your home, RV, or boat, or if your drinking water comes from a well or city water supply, we have a model that will meet your needs.

What about Reverse Osmosis?
Reverse osmosis, or hyperfiltration, is the finest filtration available. A reverse osmosis water filters capable of removing particles as small as individual ions and dissolved organic molecules from water. This system differs from a UV water purification system in many ways. RO systems require large amounts of energy to produce small amounts of water. Our UV systems produce between 3-4 gpm whereas RO systems produce about 1-2 gallons per hour. Where an RO system shines is when treating saltwater in marine environments or removing chemicals such as arsenic.

The WaterFixer - SafH2o UV - Water Safe Pro Story
In 1992, the chief engineer of the WaterFixer was looking for a solution to provide drinking water on his boat - as he planned to cruise from California to the Sea of Cortez. Inspired by an unmet need, he set to work on building a system that would keep him and his family safe on that trip. In February of 1994, he arrived in Cabo San Lucas, fully hydrated and disease free, having utilized this new 12v uv water filter system to refill his tanks with dock water at fishing villages along the way. That first filter system was the basis for the WaterFixer UV Filtration System. By 1995, the WaterFixer Co. was providing top-of-the-line UV systems, certified by the prestigious Truesdale Labs in Irvine, California, to the worlds largest boating and camping retailers. Now, over 2 decades later, the technology has continued to evolve - manufacturing methods have grown more sophisticated, part prices have lowered, and that same engineer expanded the offering with SafH2o UV Systems. Now, The WaterFixer Co. and SafH2o UV Systems has been combined into one company, Water Safe Pro. The units produced by Water Safe Pro can be produced and sold for less than comparable UV water filter systems on the market.