How does UV Water Filtration Work?
F.A.Q. about UV Water Filtration

Ultraviolet Drinking Water Filtration: UV Sterilization is the process of sterilizing microorganisms in water with high intensity ultraviolet light. To destroy organisms is a little bit of a misnomer. Here is How it Works: Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps emit light on the UVC spectrum at 253.7nm that penetrates and scrambles/breaks up the nucleus of a cell rendering it sterile and unable to infect the person who ingests it.

Why Have Pre-Filtration before the UV Chamber? Pre-filtration before UV is as important as the UV chamber itself. It is required for two reasons. First, the pre-filter will remove larger organisms and also organisms that are attached to particles that the UV light cannot penetrate to sterilize. Second, the pre-filter will clarify the water so that the UV light can penetrate and sterilize effectively. Micro-filtration is used to ensure that the water coming into the ultraviolet chamber is free of sediment, which may cast shadows and provide shelter for microorganisms, and to screen out the larger, more hardy life-forms, such as cryptosporidium cysts. Carbon block filtration is used by Water Safe Pro and WaterFixer UV filter systems in conjunction with a Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp for perfect water purification.

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A Diagram of the WaterFixer Model 1000 Unit
Just below the smallest wavelength of visible light is a band called the Ultraviolet Spectrum. The "Germicidal Band" (UVC) of the Ultraviolet Spectrum is 100 - 280 nanometers. Light at this wavelength destroys microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. The WaterFixer operates at 253.7 nanometers, which is the most effective wavelength for germicidal action. Microorganisms are destroyed/sterilized by UV light on contact--this means that UV light must strike the organism to be effective. Since UV light will not penetrate anything but a clear liquid, to maintain clarity of your water the WaterFixer Model 1000 and the Water Safe Pro Model 500/512 each comes with two prefilters.

The first prefilter screens out larger size substances. It is usually a 5 micron pleated filter or 1m spun filter. The second filter is a .5 Carbon Block filter that strains out remaining fine sediment plus chlorine and other chemicals while eliminating any existing odors or unpleasant tastes in your water. It also filters parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts. Those cysts are too large for the UV light to penetrate.Inside the 304 stainless steel disinfection chamber, the ultraviolet bulb is housed in a special quartz sleeve (tube) that allows the bulb to emit energy at the 253.7 nanometers wavelength. The sterilizing power of the unit is defined by how many microwatts can be applied to the water per second. At a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute, the WaterFixer radiates 30,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter required for UV disinfection equipment. The same UVC dosage is true of the Water Safe Pro Model 500-512 at 3GPM. To ensure effectiveness of the ultraviolet component, prefiltration is mandatory. Only approved filters should be used.

Model 1000 3-Stage UV Water Filter System



Q. Do our Filtration Systems treat well water?
A. Our UV treatment systems treat all fresh water sources including farm and rural residents who draw water from wells that may contain bacteria from animal waste and surface contaminants; lake homes that draw water directly from a reservoir, lake, cistern, or well system; city residents who often find their water distasteful (in some cases even dangerous) due to strong chemical additives.

Q. Does the WaterFixer Remove Chlorine?
A. Yes, the Carbon Block filter in our UV filter systems effectively removes chlorine from water, ideal for homes in the city.

Q.Does the Waterfixer purify water with Cyanobacteria / Blue-Green Algae toxins?
A. No, Ultraviolet Light does not render water with the toxins from blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) to be safe for drinking. Not all BGA blooms are toxic but it is best not to drink, bath in or recreate in water that has a blue-green algae bloom in progress. Check your local jurisdictions for information on blue-green algae blooms, their locations and duration.

Q. What Is The Benefit of the WaterFixer or Water Safe Pro UV System Installed On My RV or Boat?
A. Boats and RVs may need to fill their water storage tanks from questionable sources. Holding tanks without inhibitors may grow bacteria and impart unpleasant tastes and odors while endangering your health with unseen viruses. The WaterFixer or Water Safe Pro system sterilizes your water as it flows into your glass or container.

Q. What size of Pump Should I use for the Model 1000?
A. Please see our About Pumps Page.

Q. How can I increase the flow and pressure through my WaterFixer?
A. Our Carbon Filters do tend to cut the water pressure down. If you need more You can switch to a 1 micron absolute High Flow filter. In complying with NSF standards we suggest that you do not go any larger of a micron absolute rating.

Q. What fittings and Pipe can I use with the Waterfixer?
A: You can use most any pipe. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note on the WaterFixer that you must use a metal elbow on the outflow from the Light Chamber. UV light degrades and destroys non-metal fittings and pipe in direct line of sight from the lamp inside of the Light Chamber. This is not an issue on Water Safe Pro Units

Q. What is the best voltage range for my 12v WaterFixer or Water Safe Pro Ballast?
A. Our 12v ballasts will run best between 12v and 13.5v. You need to test the voltage at the point where it hooks to the ballast wires. If you run any higher or lower it will cause your ballast to burn out prematurely.

Q. What is the Amp Draw on the WaterFixer and Safh2o 12v Systems?
A. WaterFixer Model 500 12v = Less than 1 amp. Model 1000 12v = 2.1 amps. Water Safe Pro UV Systems draw 1.2 amps

Q. My UV Lamp is still lit-up after the 9000 hour lifespan. Is it still working fine?
A. No! The effective life of the UV lamp is 9000 hours of continual use. After this time the effectiveness of the UV to disinfect your water drops dramatically.

Q. How often should I change my UV Lamp?
A. After 1 year of continual use or 9000 combined hours of use. We also highly recommend replacement after 2 years whether or not you have reached the 9000 hour usage.

Q. How long do the filters last?
A. Length of filter life depends on your water clarity. On clear water you can expect 6 months of use out of each.

Q. Will the WaterFixer work on saltwater?
A. No. You will need a Reverse Osmosis watermaker to desalinate before running through the UV system.

Q. Does a RO Watermaker do the same job as the WaterFixer?
A. Not Really. Both are designed for different purposes. In simple terms, RO watermakers are designed to remove chemical hazards and the larger particle bio hazards like cryptosporidium. They are used mostly in desalination of saltwater. However, they do not kill bacteria in the water they filter. The Waterfixer is designed to remove or neutralize biological hazards such as bacteria, cysts, spores, and algae. Many people combine a RO watermaker followed by a WaterFixer Light Chamber to kill the bacteria that makes it through. Another Application is to fill your tanks with a RO watermaker and then filter the water coming out of the tank through a full WaterFixer Model 1000 or Model 500 or Water Safe Pro System. This will take care of anything that grows in your storage tanks.

Q. How long does a WaterFixer Unit last?
A. Many of our units are still working after 25 years with only the UV Lamps and filters being changed. Other parts that require replacement items are Quartz Sleeves = average of 5+ years, Ballasts = 10+years, Filter Housings = 10+ years.

Q. Where is the WaterFixer and Water Safe Pro systems Manufactured?,
A.Proudly Made Right Here In The USA.

Q.What is your return policy?
A. If you are unsatisfied with our product, we offer a 30 day full money back guarantee. All shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Any damage to the unit will be deducted from the refund. If your return is received outside of the 30 days you will also be charged a 10% restocking fee.