SURVIVOR Portable UV Water Filter System


Designed for Emergency Filtration
2.9 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate
3 Stage Water Purification System
Built Around our Model 512
Draws Only 6 amps
Single On-Off Switch for Lamp/Pump
50 PSI Self-Priming Flojet 3526 Pump

Works for Campers, Boaters, Homeowners
Comes Ready to Use with Filters Installed
Rigid Metal Stand with Carry Handles
Lab Certified UV Disinfection
304 Stainless Steel UV Chamber
Unlimited Live Technical Support

It's the Survivor Pro without all the Extras: The Survivor system is a simplified version of the Survivor Pro. Differences: Unlike the Survivor Pro the Survivor has only one switch for lamp/pump, no intake/outlet hoses, case or extra water filters. Similarities: Just like the Survivor Pro the Survivor filter system can produce about 180 gallons of sterilized, purified drinking water per hour. This allows you to add the items you want from other sources or not purchase items that you already have.

Portable Emergency Water Filtration System: Water Safe Pro's Survivor emergency water treatment system is designed around the needs of emergency first-responders and regular customers that are concerned about water filtration in any situation. Built around our Model 512 UV filter system the Survivor includes a pump, rigid stand, hose fittings, 12v leads, and easy to grip handles for transport. With a deep cell automotive/RV/marine battery the Survivor UV filter system can produce more than 2800 gallons before the battery needs to be recharged.

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