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The Problem: Getting Sick on Vacation. No one wants to get sick from the water they drink, especially on a vacation or adventure. Enjoy safe, clean water wherever your travels take you. Many boat and RV owners share a common challenge: finding clean drinking water. Though nearly every RV or Boat with a faucet has a water storage tank, few are brave enough to drink anything that comes out of it. A storage tank is an ideal environment for the breeding of bacteria, viruses and other hazardous microorganisms. What about the water hook-ups in a campground or on a dock. You can utilize the available hook-ups, but often times, the available water supply is no safer than what is lurking in your water tank. Bottled water is expensive, and bulky and, in the long run, not very cost effective.

The Solution: Install an Ultraviolet Water Filter System. Water Safe Pro offers a compact, affordable UV Water Purifier that will fit right into your boat or Rv.An easy to install UV water sterilizer installed just after your boat or rv water tank will make every drop of water which passes through the faucets, shower heads and every point of use clean and safe. Cost effective, compact in size and low on power consumption, Water Safe Pro UV Filter Systems and WaterFixer UV Water Purifiers are perfect for Boating, RVs, Houseboats, Overland explorations or Cabin Water Filtration Systems in the Ozarks.

How UV Water Filtration Works: Our UV Water Filter Purifiers are complete filter systems. Some folks think, "all we need is the UV Light and we are safe". That is not the case. UV light cannot penetrate and sterilize organisms that are inside a shell or covered in particles. It also cannot pene-trate dirty water. To solve this our complete filter systems start with filters. The main filter in each system is a .5micron carbon block filter. It will remove organisms too big for the UV light to penetrate and also cleans & clears the water. Once the water is clear the UV light chamber is next. Ultraviolet light in a specific nanometer range will penetrate and sterilize organisms in the water rendering them harmless to you. You can trust your complete UV water filter system to provide clean drinking water for you, your family and friends.

Water Safe Pro Model 500/512 3GPM, 3-Stage UV Filter System: Featuring a 14 watt germicidal ultraviolet lamp and 1/2" inlet and outlet ports, the Model 500 is capable of producing 3 gallons per minute of safe drinking water! UV Filter System amp draw is 1.2 amps. For more information about this powerful 120v or 12v water filter system
See Model 500/512.

WaterFixer Model 1000 4gpm, 3-Stage UV Filter System: When you need a little more flow for your houseboat or Off-Grid setup you can trust the Model 1000. 4GPM, 12v or 120v, 1/2 inlet and outlet ports. Stainless steel chamber housing a 25w UV lamp. UV system amp draw is 2.1 amps.
For more details See Model 1000

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