MODEL 500/512 Ultraviolet Water Purifier

model 500

Our Top Selling Water Filter System
3 GPM Flow Rate.
3-Stage Water Purifier System
14 Watt Ultra Voilet Lamp
110v AC - Model 500
12V DC - Model 512
1.2 Amps at 12v
1/2inch NPT Inlet and Outlet
Complete UV Sterilization
Lab Certified Disinfection
SPECS: 14w x 14h x 5d, 10lbs
Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Chamber
Exceeds World Health Organization Requirements

Model 500/512 UV Water Filter System: Featuring the UV filter system with the most bang for your buck this uv water filter system system produces up to 3 gallons per minute of safe, clean drinking water and it does it at an affordable price. Install in in your home under your kitchen sink to filter all of your drinking water from the faucet or onboard as your Rv Water Filter System. The 3gpm flow rate is able to support smaller homes and almost any boat or RV that you will want to install it in.

Simple to Install, Easy to Afford: The Model 500/512 comes ready to use with water filters and uv lamp. All you have to provide is the power source and the water. The inlet/outlet ports on the system are 1/2 inch NPT. Just cut into the water line at the point of installation and attach with the correct fittings. Then plug or connect to the power source and you are ready to run water. It is best to run water for about 5 minutes at startup or when you change the filters to get the carbon fines out of the filters.

3-Stage Water Filtration: The Model 500/512 is a three stage uv water filter system.
FIRST STAGE: 1m sediment filter to clear the water and prolong the life of the next filter.
SECOND STAGE: .5m carbon filter that removes taste and odor issues along with clarifying the water for the next stage and removing anything that UV Light cannot penetrate and sterilize.
THIRD STAGE: Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Light chamber with a 14w uv lamp that sterilizes up to 3gpm for pure clean drinking water.

Power Types: The Model 500 is the 120v AC version of the water filter system which is great for home and generator power sources. The Model 512 is the 12v DC version that is perfect for battery or solar power systems like rv, boats, campers or off grid situations. These water systems are exactly the same except for the ballast on top that runs the UV lamp.

Model 500/512 Uses: Home Drinking Water Filtration, Rv Water Filter System, Camper Water Filter System, Houseboat Water Filter System, Off-Grid Water System Applications, Rainwater Catchement Water Treatment.

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MODEL 500: $245
MODEL 512: $245