MODEL 200/212 UV Water Filter System

model 200

Treats up to 3gpm
2-Stage Water Purification System
14 Watt Germicidal Lamp
1.2 Amps at 12v
Lab Certified UV Sterlization
.5 Micron, Carbon Block Water Filtration
304 Stainless Steel UV Chamber
Specs: 14h x 9.5w x 5d - 7 Pounds
Model 200 - 110v AC
Model 212 - 12v DC

2-Stage UV Water Filter System You can have now have peace of mind with your water. With the Water Safe Pro Model 200/212 UV filter system you can know that every drop of water you drink is filtered through a .5 micron carbon filter before entering the stainless steel Uv sterilization chamber - ensuring is nothing sheltering microorganisms BEFORE they are exposed to the disinfecting UV light. Stop pouring viruses, bacteria, chlorine and other contaminants into your body every time you take a drink!

Compact, and Affordable: The Model 200-212 Uv water purifier is a compact uv filter system designed for installation in small spaces, like the kitchen cabinet in your home. Do you have room for a Rv Water Filter System in your Camper or Motor Home? We made the Model 200/212 uv water purifier system to fit the small storage areas in a camper or rv. It is small but still very powerful, able to purify water at a rate of 3 gpm which is enough to run water for your RV, Motor Home, Boat, or Cabin Water System. Have pure, clean drinking water any time you want it.

Should I Filter my City Water? Everyone in the US and Abroad should filter their city water! If your municiple water system has issued boil advisories and admit to issues with the water they treat you need a water treatment system. Are you concerned with the chlorine and other chemicals chemicals they put in the water to treat it? The Model 200/212 uv water filter system takes care of those issues. Just install this powerful little Uv water purifier where you get your drinking water and you will never have to worry about your water again. The first stage carbon block water filter Removes Cholrine Taste and Odor! Great Tasting Water, Easy to Upkeep System, Water You can Trust. While this system is ideal for homes on a municipal water supply, it is also the water filter system you want for boats, campers and RV's. Whether you are on municipal water or treating raw fresh water the Model 200/212 Uv water filter system removes chlorine, lead, bacteria, algae, viruses and many other harmful contaminants commonly found in water.

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MODEL 200: $220
MODEL 212: $220